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I am Eelco T, born on the 28th of august 1977.
During my higher education building construction I first came in touch with internet and HTML during IT classes. After 2 years I realized that as much as I liked the thechnology, design and drawing, building construction was not really my thing and transfered to a bachelor IT study called "Grafimedia Technology" at the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Me!Grafimedia Technology is a Higher IT study that aims to provide its students with a lot of knowledge on all processes of the graphic industry. This means that next to the standard IT classes, like systems analysis, system design and Object Oriented programming I also had classes on printing techniques, graphic design, internet design, 3d modeling, etcetera. This an education wich left me with a very wide range of knowledge.

Now, after working for 2 years as freelance (web)designer, and two and a half years as all-round designer for a small footwear brand, and having spent 6 months in China, I have loads more practical experience in design, for print and internet, and also product design, product development, and quality control.




At the moment I am looking for a job. This could be temporary, freelance basis, part time or full time.

My personal, educational and work histories have developed me in to someone with a very wide and useful range of engineering, management, design, and creative skills. It’s an uncommon but useful mix of knowledge, making me a true all-rounder in the design field. I have years of practical experience in many areas of design for traditional print, internet, and various products and am also knowledgable in general product design, product development and quality control.

From simple online business cards to advanced web applications, I have experience in each aspect of developing websites like: concept development, systems design, graphic design, programming etcetera. On top of that I can also also develop company identities, illustrations, logos, CD-ROM productions

Every interesting offer is welcome. You can get in touch with me via my E-mail address info@eelco-t.nl.